Leadership coaching for women

In a modern workplace leaders need to be skilled in managing ambiguity and  equipped to deal with uncertainty and disruption. The 3Plus leadership coaching for women programs will be invaluable to help you advance your career and allow you to reach your true potential. Most workplaces are male coded or dominated and women have a very different experience than their male counterparts.

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Our leadership coaching for women services will support you at every stage of your career to build key competences and skills and skills critical for success, not just for you but your business as well. You will be able to build charisma and gravitas to extend your influence. You will hone your communication and negotiation skills. You will be able to have those difficult conversations and deal seamless ly with conflict. You can enhance your presentation skills and build strategic alliances. You will understand the value of the mentoring process and will know how to find a sponsor.

Grow your skills

The 3Plus team is composed of high level international coaches who have deep experience and expertise. Located globally, your personal coach will help you create your “A” game to get the recognition and opportunities you deserve and overcome the frequently invisible barriers that women face.

Whether your sights are set at the very top of the pyramid,  you are looking for professional fulfillment or want support building or leading your team, contact us now.

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