Executive Search and Diversity Recruitment

3Plus offers specialist services in executive search and diversity recruitment to hire the best female talent

Change the way you source, attract and hire women

The demand and competition for high potential women is growing fast, as companies understand the business benefits of having top women in their teams. The gender dividend shows increased returns on shareholder equity, talent management, business and financial operations.  Gender balanced and diverse teams are becoming K.P.I.s in some companies already. Women no longer want to work for organisations that are stuck in the last century.  You will probably have to change your executive search and diversity recruitment practises to source, attract and hire high potential women

Connect with top female talent

Strengthen your female talent pipeline by gaining access to amazing women who are looking to connect with forward thinking employers who value diversity and inclusion. For unaware and inexperienced recruiters identifying high potential women is a challenge. They simply don’t know where to look and  then how to attract them into a recruitment process. This is where 3Plus can support your executive search and diversity recruitment initiatives. We know how to target and reach hard to find women and diversity candidates. We can connect you with top women.

We  have deep experience in global executive search, sourcing and candidate development from our wide international network, 3Plus identifies, attracts and places the best professional women to fill key openings in all functions in your company.The demand for gender balanced shortlists is growing.

With a team of internationally located, multi-lingual partners,  and 20+ years’ experience, 3Plus offers strictly confidential cross-border executive search and research services to organizations seeking to identify and hire top women across all business sectors and functions, whether corporate clients or international executive search and recruitment organizations. All our collaborators have received unconsicous bias training.

Our goal – diversity hiring

Our mission is to help you build diverse teams; We know where to find potential female candidates. We know how to approach them and what motivates women and makes them willing to engage in an external search, whether entry-level to senior management. We know how to read between the lines. We understand how to develop strong relationships with candidates so that they will participate in your process. We advise you how to adjust your process to make it diversity friendly including job descriptions, adverts, interview processes. We amplify your employer brand. We flag up bias when we see it. You should expect that.

3Plus will be your strategic advisor to support you at every step of the process with coaching and mentoring services until your women candidates are effectively onboarded into your organization allowing you to achieve business success.