About 3Plus International

Led  by CEO Dorothy Dalton, 3Plus International offers a portfolio of business services to strengthen the female talent pipeline within organizations and to achieve business success by reaping the “gender dividend” associated with inclusive and gender balanced organizations.

3Plus International was originally set up on social media, as a support and resource hub for individual women to advance their careers and to work with companies which believe in diversity, gender balance and advancing female talent. The mission statement is reflected in the name of the company.

It takes more than 3 women at any level to change the group dynamic.

Now we are active on the global market to support businesses who want to hire top female talent and to help them reach their potential as women leaders. Gender balanced organisations are more effective in all key business areas:

 – Winning the war on talent
–  Growing your market
–  Increasing team performance
–  Increasing innovation

3Plus Services

Executive Search & Recruitment

3Plus works with organizations to identify, attract and retain female talent to strengthen the female talent pipeline. There are female candidates  – traditional just don’t know how to find them and engage women in the recruitment process. 3Plus has the skills, network and expertise to support all organisations in the war on talent.

Coaching Programs

3Plus offers coaching programs for individual women and corporations to help the women achieve their potential and make their businesses thrive. We support all efforts to increase soft skills and specific competences when women face barriers in the workplace.

Corporate Training Programs

We offer Corporate training programs either face to face or online – to develop key competencies, soft and leadership skills to facilitate promotion and career development.

Mentoring Progams

Women can’t be what they don’t see and hear. Most organizations have few female role models and bringing in an external mentor can make a massive difference to career success. 3plus offers mentoring programs, coaching women how to make the most of mentoring and men on how to mentor women. Research  shows that men unconsciously mentor women differently to men.

Unconscious bias training

We all bring our biases to work every day. We can’t eradicate them – only manage them. Learn how they impact the female talent pipeline and come between organizations and effective decisions and business success.

Any company wishing to build or strengthen its female talent pipeline should contact 3Plus NOW!